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Double degree Bachelor of Arts -
German award + British award
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Introduction to the Business Management study programme at HIM

• Double Bachelor degree: German award + British award
Option: postgraduate studies - Master programme in International Management

Are you looking for a study programme in Business Management with a marked international bias? On the Business Management programme at HIM you can combine business studies and foreign languages in one programme. You take modules in English and at least one other foreign language.

Upon successful completion of the programme you are awarded a German and a British degree. That way you really are ideally prepared for international business!

Introduction to the Business Management study programme at HIM

Are you interested in international business and keen to work with people? In all economic sectors, companies are active outside their base country in order to serve customers abroad and open up new market segments. They bundle their strengths via cross-border mergers or joint ventures. Internationalisation has meant a decline in the significance of borders, and markets world wide have grown together. Communication expertise and service orientation form the main basis of fruitful collaboration in day-to-day dealings with customers/clients, suppliers, staff and partner companies all over the world. These developments have created new and interesting job profiles in internationally active companies. There is a demand for young management professionals who are equipped for work in an international working environment.

Job requirements in international businessBusiness Management Studies - Introduction to international business

Studies by management consultancies regularly testify to the fact that companies seek up-and-coming professionals with the following qualifications: a broad yet deep grasp of business administration, analytical skills, and an entrepreneurial mind-set in combination with good communication skills, particularly in foreign languages. In companies operating on an international scale, excellent language skills are naturally paramount.

The Business Management study programme at the Hochschule für Internationales Management will provide you with a qualification profile that meets the requirements described and thus prepares you for the managerial tasks within an international business environment that lie ahead.

Johanna Urdaneta, Graduate of the Business Management study programme at HIMLogo Commerzbank

Business Management studies - Testimonial by graduate Johanna UrdanetaOn completing my 3-year degree at HIM my original intention was to enter the cultural sector where I had been able to gather experience in the course of different placements during and immediately after my course. Unfortunately, cultural facilities were among the worst hit by the capping of funds and resources, making it impossible to find a permanent post in this field.

A neighbour drew my attention to the trainee programme run by the Commerzbank. I had never really considered working for a bank because until then – and this is probably true of many people – I was only aware of the cashiers behind the counter. The fact that there was a massive organisation behind the local branches had never really occurred to me.

Having achieved a successful outcome at the assessment centre I was taken on as a trainee in the Organisation Group in Nürnberg. Following a 12-month basic training period, I focused on communications and have been looking after the internal and external communications of our (internal) division ever since.

Thanks to HIM I was able to develop a very good business and personal foundation that I can really expand on here at the bank.

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