Open University Annual Conference

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Earlier this month, Matthew Kershaw (Academic Director) and Klaus Klabouch (Head of Department, Business & Management) attended the Open University Validation Services annual conference in Leeds, UK. This event brings together representatives of all the Open University’s accredited institutions around the world, including from Singapore, Kuwait, Bulgaria, and of course Germany. Following an opening address from Lord David Puttnam, Chancellor of the Open University and renowned filmmaker, there were presentations and workshops by leading British professors on: the internationalisation of higher education and the Bologna process, managing change in a higher education context, and achieving academic excellence. This was a valuable opportunity to discuss ideas, challenges and developments with colleagues from a wide range of institutions, and to exchange examples of good practice in enhancing the student experience.  

As the HIB is an Open University partner institution, HIB students are welcome to use OU Library and Support Services to support their studies and research (see the Research Portal in ecampus).

Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg (II)

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Here are a few of my photos from the Moodlemoot 2008 Conference which, as I indicated in a previous comment, was an enriching experience for me as both a teacher and an educational researcher. I enjoyed presenting the way in which I apply my theoretical understanding of the use of technology to promote student learning at the HIB Academy.

 in Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg (II) in Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg (II)

 in Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg (II)

 in Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg (II)

Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg

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In den letzten zwei Tagen besuchte ich die Moodlemoot 2008 in Heidelberg. Ein zweitägiger Kongress über die Lernplattform moodle. Anstatt zunächst selber über diese Konfernez zu berichten und eine Zusammenfassung abzugeben möchte ich vorerst einmal ein paar andere Teilnehmer der Konferenz zu Wort kommen lassen. Lutz Berger hat einen kleinen Film online gestellt, der sehr gut die Stimmung und Produktivität dieser Konferenz wiedergibt.

La Haute Normandie

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Logo Haute-normandie2 Thumbnail in La Haute Normandie P 376 Thumbnail in La Haute Normandie La Haute Normandie, une région encore inconnue ??? Une région à découvrir ??? C´est le but que les étudiants du Level 2 et du level 3 se sont donnés pour vous faire connaître cette région. Vous êtes déjà allé(e) en Haute Normandie ou bien cette région vous intéresse, alors nous attendons vos avis, remarques et idées.

German National Identity and the World Cup

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Research is increasingly becoming a point of focus in the professional development of staff at the HIB Academy.  A recent publication of a former HIB Academy lecturer who has now migrated to Canada, caught my attention as it addresses a topic which seems to be fading in the minds of the German population (at least, from all appearances): „The adrenaline rush of World Cup fever“.  In her article

Die Konstruktion nationaler Identität in den deutschen Medien zur WM 2006: Anregungen zu einer linguistischen Zeitungstextanalyse im DaF-Unterricht

Assistant Professor Retzlaff discusses the linguistic elements of the press‘ treatment of this euphoria and its implications for the construction of German national identity and the traces left behind. 

For me, coming from a country desperately struggling against the odds to attain „first world“ status, but where each citizen declares that they are „Proud to be a Trini“, this idea of constructing national identity is new.

I definitely found the data collected for the research (and of course, the linguistic review itself) and interesting read.