Institutional Research Conference in Southampton Juni 2008

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In June 2008, Vera Stadelmann – HIB’s Academic Quality Manager – attended the Institutional Research Conference held at Southampton Solent University, U.K.

Institutional Research is becoming more and more important to British higher education institutions, as it helps the organisations to reflect on their own workings and consequently to improve the services they are offering.

The conference was the first of its kind in the U.K. and brought together 160 delegates from all over the world to engage in discussions on how to enhance the students’ learning experience. Which support do students need to excel? How to tackle the problems students encounter in their first year at university? Which skills do students need to develop during their university years? Presentations on these and other questions were held by such distinguished scholars as Sir David Watson, Professor of Higher Education Management at the University of London, or Dr Nick Hammond, Director at the Higher Education Academy, who provided exciting, inspiring and enriching thoughts on the question of which direction higher education institutions will and should be taking in the future.

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