Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolio: Conference Update (Day I)

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The atmosphere of the first day at the Second International Residential Seminar organized by the Centre for Recording Achievement has been very collegial.

This conference, being held at the Learning and Conference Centre of the National College for School Leadership in Nottingham, UK, has brought together seasoned as well as newcomer researchers in the area of Personal Development Planning (PDP) and e-Portfolio who are interested in addressing the real issues (challenges and potential) related to implemention, support and research in this field.

The focus on dialogue has had a positive impact on the way presentations, even keynote addresses, have been organized.  There is a very inclusive approach and in each session, be it presentation of completed research or research in progress, symposium or workshop, there is time for discussion and contributions, not only on the key issues mentioned above, but also on research methodology.

Some of the day’s highlights or what I will certainly take with me include:

1. The notion of e-Portfolios constituting a genre rather than a technological „add-on“;

2. Initiating the use of e-Portfolios using the SSS approach – „Start small and simple“;

3. Embedding PDP into the curriculum to maximize student engagement with  technology that supports recording reflection;

4. Exploring how assessment processes can best capitalize on the distinctiveness of e-Portfolios; and

5. Carefully rethinking the way teachers think about their teaching and the way learners think about their learning in this context.

I am eager to hear what participant have to share with me in my session tomorrow on „Formalizing PDP in a portfolio-based approach to self-evaluation: Supporting language learners through action planning and monitoring.“

Tanyasha Yearwood.

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