Conference Update (Day III)

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The Second International Residential Seminar facilitated by the Centre for Recording Achievement and focussing on Personal Development Planning and e-Portfolios has now come to an end.

Day III culminated with a review of some of the key research projects done on the use of e-Portfolios in a variety of countries and across a number of disciplines.  The idea was not just to present a pretty picture of success stories, but also to identify the difficulties and challenges and share how these have been or are being addressed.

Of particular interest to me, was a report of a study which reviewed how e-Portfolios are being assessed in a cross section of UK Higher Education Institutions.  The stark reality that some tutors struggle with assessing in this sort of non-text, process-based, reflective mode is a major concern and requires creative and collaborative solutions.

If I were to summarize what I plan to take with me from this encounter, I would say it is the recognition that engaging students in reflective learning involves rethinking  present practices (on the part of both staff and students) and the need to initially develop a conviction and awareness about „progression“ and process as crucial and tangible elements of the learning context. 

Support is also key and offered holistically, can serve to ensure that pedagogy is the principal driving force and not the electronic tool.

Like other delegates, I too hope that we find a way to continue sharing with each other and with other institutions and stakeholders to ensure that „graduateness“ takes on greater quality.

Tanyasha Yearwood.

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