Prof. Dr. Adrienne Steffen veröffentlicht ISM Discussion Paper

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Heidelberg, Juni 2013. Prof . Dr. Adrienne Steffen (Marketing) und Dr. Bernd Schabbing (ehemaliger Dozent der HIM) haben ein ISM Discussion Paper (30 Seiten, ISBN: 978-3-86991-852-5) mit dem Titel „Managerial Implications of an in-depth customer analysis of German classical music festival customers” im MV-Buchhandel veröffentlicht. Die Daten stammen aus einem Studentenprojekt (Rheingau Musikfestival aus dem Fach Projektmanagement) von vor zwei Jahren.


„Understanding customer motivation is one of the key drivers for a destination’s marketing success (Freyer 2009, Bieger 2012). Thus this understanding is also important for classical music festivals, as major events are important for destination marketing and branding (Nickel 2007: 261-270, 301-308). Motives, desires and lastly their media usage determine where and how often potential visitors can be targeted with ads and how loyal customers should be re-invited to attend. Many festivals organisers do not have specific enough information about their customer to position themselves on the market uniquely, to differentiate themselves from the competition and to meet customer needs and preferred information sources.

This research investigates customer motives, media use, used information sources and festival service evaluation of 1000 customers who visited the Rheingau Musik Festival (RMF) in 2010. A hierarchical cluster analysis revealed three customer segments “Irregulars”, “Retirees” and “Well-situated families” which all differ in their age structure, visitor frequency, motivation for visit, music taste, and general demographic characteristics like household size, occupation, and income.

The media use, especially word-of-mouth activities and the festival brochure are very important to attract music festival visitors. The implications for the festival’s marketing activities are discussed, in particular, suggestions for targeting are provided.“

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