Crowdsourcing – Wisdom of the Crowd

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Heidelberg, 16.05.2014. One of our BarCamp sessions included also my presentation about the topic Crowdsourcing.

Last year I came across this topic on the ‘Social Media Conference’ in Hamburg, where one of my student college and I went to. This conference was concentrating on new social media trends and functions for companies as well as Crowdsourcing.

While gaining more information about it afterwards, I decided to present it in our Barcamp, as most of the students of the module did not know what it was all about.

NOW:  What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is an efficient way for companies to do market research and advertisement all at once.  It is the use of the crowd as a source for new ideas, solutions, opinions, information and research on community platforms online.

The idea behind Crowdsourcing is the fact, that more heads are better than one!

This is why companies, like Heineken and their ‘idea-brewery’ platform, are using this method to gain new ideas as well as binding the customer or potential customer to the brand and to the company through the integration in a company’s process.

Besides, Wikipedia is also a Crowdsourcing platform (open), everyone can contribute with their knowledge and gain from others.

It shows that Crowdsourcing is for every individual no matter if they want to gain information or share their ideas. Furthermore, as the discussion of my presentation showed, this method can also be included in an organisational process of an event no matter if it is B2B or B2C.

It always makes the Crowd happy to contribute and be part of something!

Eva Holzhüter 



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