Prof. Dr. Adrienne Steffen wins Best Paper Award

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Prof. Dr. Adrienne Steffen.

Heidelberg, 07. Mai 2015/Aveiro, Portugal 01. – 02.05.15. The IPAM Business School organized its second International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (ICIEMC) in Aveiro this year. The conference which covered innovation and consumer behaviour topics offered an opportunity to exchange ideas with participants from Portugal, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey and Brazil.

Prof. Dr. Adrienne Steffen and her research partner Dr. Peter Atorough from Robert Gordon University in Scotland presented their paper on “The consequences of poor staff performance and poor selling traits on consumer behaviour” and won the best paper award in the conference track consumer behaviour for their work.

Steffen-Portugal in Prof. Dr. Adrienne Steffen wins Best Paper AwardAbout 150 full papers were submitted to the organisers, of which only 41 conference papers and 7 luminary speeches were delivered in different sessions. Prof. Dr. Steffen’s study investigates the consequences of poor staff performance (staff incompetence) and poor selling traits (staff pushiness, staff unfriendliness) in retail shopping.

The results show that the sales person has a great impact on shopping stress and coping behaviours. Especially staff unfriendliness and staff incompetence influence shopping stress. Stressed consumers tend to become disloyal in the future rather than to defer their choice, perhaps because they simply do not want to enter the store again. Such consumers are most likely to engage in negative word of mouth activities which could have a tremendous effect on the retailer’s image. Retailers could avoid these controllable factors in the shopping environment and so improve the overall customer experience.


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