Mission and Educational Philosophy of the HIM

The HIM’s commitment to the student-centredness of its provision is achieved by and reflected in its adherence to the following good practice principles:

  • students have the opportunity to contribute to the shaping of their learning experience all students are treated fairly, equitably and as individuals
  • students are properly and actively informed at appropriate times of matters relevant to their programme of study
  • all policies and processes relating to study and programmes are clear and transparent
  • strategic oversight of academic standards and academic quality is at the highest level of governance
  • all policies and processes are regularly and effectively monitored, reviewed and improved
  • sufficient and appropriate external involvement and appraisal exists for the maintenance of quality and standards
  • staff are supported, enabling them in turn to support students' learning experience. 

Apply online now!

Apply online now!

Here you will find all information concerning the application process of the HIM. For further information feel free to contact us at any time! We are looking forward to talking to you!


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