Mission and Educational Philosophy of the HIM

The HIM defines its mission as follows:

The HIM qualifies its students for careers in international business by

  • developing career-relevant knowledge, competence and capabilities in business disciplines and social science,
  • developing students’ communicative competence with people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds,
  • embedding the principles of sustainable and responsible management in teaching and research,
  • enabling students to gain a German and an additional British university degree, which ensure recognition of the achieved qualification 

It supports, and at the same time places high demands on, its students in their development as well-rounded, educated and reflective individuals, who

  • take on responsibility as citizens and leaders in society, business and for themselves,
  • act in accordance with ethical and professional standards, and
  • are committed to learning as a life-long process. 



In its areas of activity, the HIM is committed to meeting the demands of its students as well as the requirements of employers in an international and dynamic competitive environment. It achieves this via

  • activating and student-centred pedagogy,
  • applied research activities and the transfer of research outcomes into teaching and business practice,
  • intensive support for its students and graduates in preparation for, and subsequent to, career entry,
  • close liaison with business,
  • engagement with higher education and scientific institutions at home and abroad. 

The HIM monitors its activities via internal and external evaluation and manages its development using systematic quality assurance and enhancement processes. A high quality student experience is at the heart of the HIM’s activities.

On the one hand this means assuring academic standards in terms of the level of achievement that a student has to reach to gain an academic award, measured against external benchmarks. On the other, it refers to providing appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning opportunities to enable a student to achieve the requisite standard for an award.