CSR Management - Structure

German Degree Bachelor of Arts
Option: Master Programme 'Internationales Management'


Corporate Responsibility Management

The pathway provides students with an in-depth knowledge of developments in the broad field of CSR (corporate social responsibility) – developments, not only in terms of corporate activities and trends, but also in terms of the thinking about business and its role in society that the concept of CSR involves. Thus, while the course strongly emphasizes the practical and strategic dimension of CSR, and how corporate responsibility can be managed to create value for companies, it also engages students in discussions of the ethical and political aspects and implications of CSR.

Corporate Responsibilty Management and Foreign Languages

Broad-based and sound foreign language skills are essential for international mobility, career progression and professional development. Extensive language development opportunities in English plus either French or Spanish are therefore part of the standard programme. To bring students up to the level of fluency, style and confidence required in an international business context, Level 3 is taught and assessed in English. Students also have the opportunity to learn a third language from scratch from Level 2 onwards (depending on availability and student demand).

Foreign language modules develop students’ foreign language capability and business and cultural understanding in line with the QAA Language and Related Studies benchmark statement and the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (CEF). The CEF was designed to encourage cooperation between educational institutions all over Europe and in particular to provide a means of assessment of language competence which would be valid throughout Europe.


Saturday, 14 July 2018
10 am – 2 pm