Master studies in International Management

Degree: Master of Arts - German award


Master International Management

The increasing globally connected nature of modern business brings with it new challenges to be addressed and new opportunities to be seized by managers. In an international business context, it is precisely leadership and communication skills that are crucial for individual career success and also for the success of companies. Whether it is about entering new markets, managing international workforces, marketing across borders, developing communication strategies, having expertise in leadership and communication will certainly be a valuable asset.


The Hochschule für Internationales Management (HIM) offers a Master programme that takes account of the requirements placed on individuals and organisations engaging in an international business environment. The overall objective of the programme is to equip you with the leadership and communication tools to handle the challenges and exploit the opportunities presented by international business. It enables you to combine communication and leadership skills to transform multicultural situations, in which various cultures simply coexist, or possibly clash, into intercultural ones characterized by mutual respect and reciprocal enhancement.

As the programme is entirely taught and assessed in English your English-language competence comes up to C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in the reception and production of standard spoken and written English, and in the understanding and use of English in a business and academic environment.

Via the advanced study of organisations, the dynamic external context in which they operate and how they are managed you attain an integrated and critically aware understanding of how leadership and communication interact. Complementary regional studies impart to you the culture-related knowledge and competence necessary to operate effectively in intercultural and multicultural business contexts. Both aspects enable you to anticipate and recognise the need for change, take an active role in change processes and to manage change. You will consequently be able to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex international leadership and communication issues to improve management practice and organisational competitiveness.

The Programme thus prepares you for careers in management positions with an international focus. Graduates of the programme will be equipped to enter doctoral study in subjectrelated disciplines or to take up employment in both subjectrelated and generalist environments.


Saturday, 05 May 2018
10 am – 2 pm

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Apply online now!

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