Module Code BM 420
Module Title Advanced Research Methods & Master's Dissertation
Academic level Master
Credit value Advanced Research Methods: 5
Master's Dissertation: 30
Instruction English
Pre-requisites Workshops covering Research Methods and Reflective Learning
Co-requisites ---
for Module
The purpose of the dissertation (written in semester 4) is to allow the student to carry out a self-managed, in-depth investigation of an international leadership or communications management issue. On successful completion of a detailed research proposal students will be allocated an advisor who will support them during the research and writing-up stages of their dissertation. The dissertation allows the student to critically evaluate and synthesise relevant philosophies, theories and models and to undertake a process of enquiry using primary and/or secondary data sources. The dissertation will consist of a written document that should be presented in accordance with the guidelines given in the module. The Dissertation provides invaluable experience in preparing students for comparable work in employment, for research degrees or independent project work / consultancy.
The dissertation is supported by a series of workshops covering Research Methods and Reflective Learning (semester 1). The Research Methods workshops will provide students with the research knowl-edge and tools they need to apply when developing their dissertations, as well as introduce them to the characteristics and demands of Master's level study. The Reflective Learning Element of the module will give the student an opportunity to critically analyse and evaluate their experience of the learning process and to become familiar with a range of journal-keeping techniques, reflective practice methodologies and supporting resources. The module also provides an environment where participants can share and explore significant elements of their learning and development experienced during their studies.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. Develop students’ critical understanding of the role of research in business and appreciation of the value of an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to management issues.
  2. Enable students to become highly knowledgeable in a particular area and to make an individual contribution in this area.
  3. Develop academic skills (comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) as well as transferable skills of research management, methodological competence, time management, self-management, communication, and persuasive argument.
  4. Promote skills of goal setting, reflection and action planning necessary for effective continuing per-sonal and professional development.