Module Code CM 470
Module Title Culture in Society
Academic level Master
Credit value 5
Instruction Englisch
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites ---
for Module
The market for cultural products and the context in which culture is produced are becoming more com-plex as a result of social differentiation and individualisation on the one hand, and globalisation and commercialisation on the other. Making culture accessible requires the ability to communicate to niche markets that are not attracted to traditional ‘high’ culture. Knowledge and understanding of interactions between culture and society enable cultural managers to evaluate critically the importance of social trends and current cultural debates in order to turn these into demand for cultural products. Moreover, an in-depth understanding of the reception and use of culture is necessary to judge the marketability of cultural artefacts. This module will therefore centre on ways of approaching the key issues posed by the relationships between the mass media and social, cultural and economic life. Students will engage with arguments about and research into the overall significance of communication of culture.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. develop critical understanding of the context in which cultural and media industries operate, and the role of such industries in social and cultural life;
  2. investigate sociological and cultural studies approaches to thinking about culture and communi-cation, the debates  these engender and their contexts;
  3. further the development of a wide variety of academic skills including library searches, bibliographical work, essay construction, reflection and presentation skills.