Module Code MC 450
Module Title Experiential Marketing through Special Events
Academic level Master
Credit value 5
Instruction English
Pre-requisites CM 410 - Intercultural Communication Theory
Co-requisites CM 420 - Strategic Communications in International Contexts
for Module
Special events give an organisation the opportunity to connect with consumers (its “audience”) on a unique level. The focus will be on developing a strategic understanding of how consumer behaviour can be influenced through innovative communication techniques and the event experience. The module explores key concepts and theories such as the experience economy, experiential theory, imagineering and symbolic interaction. It combines theoretical perspectives with practical skills and techniques for creating and managing event experiences. Students will examine the complete cycle of the event, and focus on how to execute an event in an international setting. A practical component of the module enables students to respond creatively to a brief for the conduct of an event.
The module builds on the module Intercultural Communication Theory and complements the module Strategic Communications in International Contexts.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. develop an appreciation of the importance of event marketing within the wider fields of consumer experience and marketing communication;
  2. provide a critical understanding of how individual event elements work together to create a seamless, coherent event design;
  3. enable students to respond creatively to a brief for the conduct of an event, and to produce a plan to implement an event concept.