Module Code LM 450
Module Title International Corporate Citizenship
Academic level Master
Credit value 5
Instruction English
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites ---
for Module
This module focuses on the evolving roles and responsibilities of business in society. Being a socially responsible corporation involves going beyond the fulfilment of, and compliance with, legal obligations. The module considers the drivers that promote corporate social and environmental responsibility world-wide, together with the growing expectations stakeholders have of international business. It will explore the implications this new international context has for a variety of industries.
As a consequence of concerns about the environmental and social impacts of business activities, com-panies now seek to address the wider and more indirect consequences of their operations. Students study how this involves dialogue with a broader group of stakeholders than shareholders, managers, employees, customers and business partners, what has been learned from this, and how such dialogue could influence companies in the future. These additional stakeholders include local host communities, special interest groups, NGOs, and increasingly financial institutions that are concerned about the envi-ronmental and social liabilities associated with investment returns.
As well as being viewed as an instrument for the implementation of sustainable development, active corporate citizenship has also been recognised as a mechanism for generating value-added and increasing competitiveness for modern businesses, leading to a responsibility-based focus to corporate decision-making. The module therefore introduces students to the issues associated with this important concept, as it attains a new prominence in the process of globalisation.
At the same time, the concept of corporate citizenship, and Corporate Social Responsibility more broadly, are contested and have been subject to fundamental criticism from philosophical, economic and legal perspectives. As part of a Master's programme, the module will also critically interrogate the foundations, role and effects of corporate citizenship.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. develop a critical awareness of the broad environmental influences in an international context which impact upon organisations and which condition their responses to their responsibilities;
  2. sensitize students for the complexity and contested nature of ideas and components which might comprise corporate citizenship;
  3. provide a framework both for planning and evaluating the sustainability and social responsibility actions and performance of an organisation.