Module Code CM 410
Module Title Intercultural Communication Theory
Academic level Master
Credit value 10
Instruction English
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites ---
for Module
This module provides a survey of major theories and research dealing with communication between peo-ple of different cultural backgrounds, particularly in international business settings. The module examines theoretical issues in studying intercultural communication, and it helps students discover intercultural psychological phenomena (relating to individuals and groups) that affect and can disturb communication across cultures. This helps to understand culturally-specific perceptions and ways of thinking and acting – on the part of others and on the part of students themselves. This is important in understanding how communication between cultures can be made to function effectively, and where the risks and conflict potential lie.
The module provides key theoretical background and contextual understanding for the modules Strategic Communications in International Contexts and Intercultural Negotiation & Conflict Management. Among the elective modules, Culture in Society is a valuable complement for students interested in the interactions between communication and culture.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. enable students to develop a critical understanding of communication theory in relation to intercul-tural (business) contexts and contrasting organisational cultures;
  2. investigate how organisations use culturally-determined communication strategies in presenting themselves to their internal and external audiences;
  3. encourage students to engage in self-reflection on the culturally-determined nature of their own val-ues and how potential conflict with other value systems can transformed into cultural learning;
  4. support students in acquiring and developing theory-informed tools and techniques necessary to overcome culture- related communication problems with internal and/external stakeholders.