Module Code MC 460
Module Title Specialist Public Relations: Managing Issues and Crises
Academic level Master
Credit value 5
Instruction English
Pre-requisites CM 410 - Intercultural Communication Theory
Co-requisites CM 420 - Strategic Communications in International Contexts
for Module
This module investigates the various theoretical and practical approaches to issues and crisis public relations in contemporary organisational contexts. Students will engage in critical analysis and evaluation of issues and crisis communication management in a range of organisational and international settings, looking in particular at political communication.
The module will contribute to the overall aims of the programme by enabling students to provide effective strategic direction of the communication of contemporary organisations in times of crisis and change. The module will also deal with advanced concepts, ideas and theories of communication management relevant to contemporary corporations and reflect on future trends. By the application of the theories and applications to international organisations, students will develop knowledge and understanding of issues and crisis management for global corporations and how issues and crises move swiftly across national boundaries.
The module builds on the module Intercultural Communication Theory and complements the module Strategic Communications in International Contexts.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. develop students’ understanding of the contribution of planned public relations to overall business strategy across a variety of sectors, and to the realisation of organisational goals;
  2. develop the of the strategic, planning and management knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and redirect public relations programmes;
  3. develop and encourage confidence in the use of appropriate learning, analytical and discursive skills.