Module Code CM 420
Module Title Strategic Communications in International Contexts
Academic level Master
Credit value 10
Instruction English
Pre-requisites CM 410 - Intercultural Communication Theory
Co-requisites LM 420 - Strategic Leadership in International Contexts
for Module
The module Strategic Communications in International Contexts investigates the challenges and opportunities posed by multicultural and intercultural business contexts for communication, how these differ from national/culturally homogenous contexts, and the theories, models and tools available to deal with them.
This module develops an understanding and critical awareness of the strategic nature of communication in an intercultural context, its integrative role as a management function, and the contribution it makes to the achievement of strategic business objectives. It has as its primary objective the enabling of effective, planned communication across a range of media to secure understanding and commitment of multicultural stakeholders to the mission, strategy and attainment of organisational objectives.
Students will be provided with the tools to develop and evaluate communication plans for organisations which operate in an international environment, and to make decisions e.g. as to the risks and benefits of standardisation vs. adaptation to different cultural contexts
The module builds on the module Intercultural Communication Theory and complements the module Strategic Leadership in International Contexts.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. develop students’ understanding of the field of international corporate communication and their appreciation of communication as a key activity for the planning, control and evaluation of an organisation's activities in relation to its strategic publics;
  2. enable students to develop a critical understanding of the interaction between communication theory, national cultures and organisational cultures, and the significance of this to determining how best to address both external stakeholders;
  3. aid students in developing competence in practical communication techniques used in corporate contexts and to foster an appreciation of the professional and ethical dimensions of corporate communication.