Module Code LM 420
Module Title Strategic Leadership in International Contexts
Academic level Master
Credit value 10
Instruction English
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites CM 420 - Strategic Communication in International Contexts
Rationale for
The module Strategic Leadership in International Contexts investigates the challenges and opportunities posed by international business contexts for leadership, how these differ from national/culturally homogenous contexts, and the theories, models and tools available to deal with them.
The module examines conceptions of leadership and management in different cultures and the contrasting nature of the expectations they raise in different cultural settings. It will introduce you to key concepts and contemporary theoretical ideas relating to strategy formulation and implementation. You will develop an understanding of the concept of organisational culture and reflect critically on current debates about the extent to which it may be manipulated or transformed. Throughout the module you will study a range of tools, models and theoretical concepts concerned with the generic process of managing change and promoting entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship and innovation, and learn to apply this learning in a case study context. The module aims to develop your appreciation of the human dimension of change initiatives, paying particular attention to the emotional impact and psychodynamics of organisational change, and enable you to consider change leadership behaviours using appropriate conceptual and practical tools.
Thus, the module is also concerned with developing understanding and skills in a number of areas that constitute effectiveness in management, and specifically the management of self and of others. In addition it seeks to help learners to develop and improve a range of definable skills which are pivotal to successful management practice and to effective leadership in particular. These include thinking and decision-making skills and a range of team working and interpersonal skills and others associated with developing personal effectiveness and credibility at work.
The module complements the module Strategic Communication in International Contexts. Among the elective modules, International Strategic HRM is a valuable complement for students interested in pursuing human resource aspects of leadership.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. enable students to develop a range of personal and professional skills associated with the development of international leadership and management strategies;
  2. appraise critically theories of personal and organisational leadership and models of organisational behaviour, in order to understand how to influence them as a leaders; 
  3. develop knowledge and appreciation of how the performance and commitment of people in organisations can be optimised to develop a high performance culture and how this might be underpinned by good management approaches;
  4. encourage students to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and of their own strengths and weaknesses as managers and colleagues.