Module Code BM 410
Module Title Strategic Management of International Enterprises
Academic level Master
Credit value 10
Instruction English
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites ---
for Module
After having acquired fundamental knowledge of strategy at Bachelor’s level, this module exposes students to the specifics of strategy in multinational enterprises (MNE). The module deals with the key theories and models from international business strategy literature and how they can be applied to multinational enterprises. It strives to extend the students’ knowledge of how MNEs function as well as of what is needed to turn the findings of academic research into effective business strategies within an MNE. It asks how business functions internationally and what globalization means for today's managers. Further, students will reflect on the practical knowledge and skills needed to succeed as effective managers in multinational companies.
The module integrates a number of international management themes which are developed in depth in other core and elective modules.
Aims This module aims to:
  1. acquaint students with the key concepts in international business theories and analyse international best practice cases as well as failures;
  2. promote understanding of the impact of firm-specific advantages and location-specific advantages;
  3. enable students to give a reasoned recommendation on internationalisation, evaluating benefits and costs.