Module Code EN 100
Module Title Wirtschaftsenglisch  ·  English for International Business & Study I
Academic level Level 1
Credit value 10
Instruction English
Pre-requisites ---
Co-requisites ---
Rationale for
Students who have decided that they would like to pursue a career in an international environment will need to be proficient in the use of the English language. This module will offer them the opportunities to develop their communicative skills in expressing themselves in various professional contexts, as well as introduce them to business issues that shape the world in which we live today.
Aims This module aims to:
•  promote a basic knowledge of contemporary economic, and business issues;
•  provide students with the knowledge and language skills necessary to express themselves on business issues;
•  introduce students to use language flexibly and effectively for professional, academic purposes;
•  develop the concepts, skills and practices required to be successful in higher education.