Modul-Code MC 200
Modul-Titel Management der Unternehmenskommunikation  ·  Managing Corporate Communications
Level Level 2
Credits 5
Sprache German
Grundlagen MC100 - Introduction to Corporate Communications
All other Level 2 modules in marketing and public relations
Hintergrund In a globally competitive and technologically advanced world, the ability to convey ideas and persuade diverse audiences is a critical requirement for professional success in any business organization. Within this module you will develop your knowledge and understanding of how, when and why an organisation communicates with its stakeholders.
The module content will cover fundamental concepts of communication to both internal and external audiences. The fundamental distinctions between the methods & means of communication will be addressed and principles of integrated communication strategy discussed and applied.
You are expected to engage with both the theory and practice of business communications addressing best practice in planning and implementing an organisations corporate communications strategy in different situations.
The module develops student learning acquired in the Level 1 module ‘Introduction to Corporate Communications’ and complements the Level 2 modules in marketing and public relations.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) Develop students’ understanding of the field of corporate communication as a key activity for planned and goalled
    interaction with internal and external stakeholders;
2) Explore the nature and diversity of stakeholder relationship management and the resulting implications for
3) Help students develop and apply the range of techniques available to corporate communication practitioners taking
    into account issues of professional practice and social/ethical responsibility;
4) Develop students’ abilities to considers both the theoretical and practical aspects of corporate communications when
    solving organisational communication problems.