Modul-Code MC 220
Modul-Titel Public Relations  ·  Public Relations
Level Level 2
Credits 5
Sprache German
Grundlagen MC 100 - Introduction to Corporate Communications
Level 2 modules in marketing and corporate communications
Hintergrund This module develops students’ understanding of the elements and principles of public relations in a rapidly changing global environment. PR plays a crucial role in a pluralist society by facilitating dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders. A variety of facets in the field will be explored including ethics and legal considerations, measurement and assessment methods and career possibilities. The students will explore the discipline of public relations and understand its place in business in relation to marketing, operations, human resources, finance and other business disciplines.
Particular attention will be given to recent developments in theory and practice. These include the potential of customer-focused relationships as a strategic tool, and ‘PR 2.0', a combination of social media tools enabling communication professionals to make direct contact with key customers and opinion formers on a 24/7 basis.
The module develops student learning acquired in the Level 1 module ‘Introduction to Corporate Communications’ and complements the Level 2 modules in marketing and corporate communications.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) Develop an awareness of the contribution of planned public relations to overall business strategy across a variety of
    sectors, and to the realisation of organisational goals;
2) Develop in students the range of knowledge, personal, planning and analytical skills required to support, initiate and
    redirect public relations programmes and decision-making;
3) Investigate the management of public relations practice from both a theoretical and commercial perspective, and to
    explore the nature of its relationship with, and within, the communications and marketing function.