Modul-Code BM 320
Modul-Titel Business Dissertation
Level Level 3
Credits 10
Sprache English
Grundlagen Level 2 Research Methods
All other Level 3 Core modules
Hintergrund Research into business and management issues generates information for policy formulation, strategy development and decision-making.
Building on foundational academic writing skills and knowledge of research methodology students have acquired at Level 2, the Business Dissertation gives students the opportunity to investigate in depth a pathway-related topic of special interest to them. It is an independently conceived and managed piece of work that critically analyses and synthesises theoretical and empirical material. The Business Dissertation identifies and combines academic knowledge and skills to produce a work of practical relevance, with appropriate academic depth and rigour. Students are assigned a supervisor who provides advice and supports students in managing the dissertation process.
The Dissertation also provides valuable experience in preparing students for comparable work in employment, postgraduate courses and research degrees or independent project work or consultancy. Finally, it gives an opportunity for students to develop expertise on a particular subject of their choice.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) Develop students’ understanding of the role of research in business and appreciation of the value of an
     interdisciplinary and integrative approach to management issues.
2) Enable students to become highly knowledgeable in a particular area and to make an individual contribution in this
3) Develop academic skills (comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) as well as transferable
    skills of research management, time management, self-management, communication, persuasive argument and
    reflection on learning.