Modul-Code MC 330
Modul-Titel Campaign Planning
Level Level 3
Credits 10
Sprache English
Grundlagen All level 2 core and pathway modules
All other Level 3 core modules
Hintergrund Marketing communication is mostly very cost intensive and therefore often regarded critically by decision makers in companies. On the other hand there are many impressive examples of how well planned marketing communication campaigns were an overwhelming success for companies. As successful marketing communications depend on an effective and efficient use of media, the module will emphasise the implications of new media technologies for the marketing communications mix.
The module is planned as an project-based, student-centred, problem-solving module where students (as agencies) and tutors (as clients) role-play campaign projects. It thus enables students to develop the knowledge and capabilities necessary to discuss ideas with agencies in briefings, decide on different proposals and to defend one’s decisions against critical questions from other departments in a company. This module would also be good preparation for working in a marketing communications agency.
The module draws heavily on knowledge and understanding in other modules, particularly those concerned with strategy, marketing and corporate communications management.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) develop on the part of students an informed, critical attitude to the use of marketing communication campaigns;
2) provide students with the opportunity to develop practice-relevant skills in understanding client briefs and developing
    campaign plans;
3) give students an insight into what it is like to work within a marketing communications agency, as part of an agency
     team, responding appropriately to clients and developing marketing communications solutions and then credibly
     selling them to others.