Modul-Code MC 380
Modul-Titel Consumer Behaviour
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache English
Grundlagen MC 260 - Marketing Principles & Communication;
MC 240 - Marketing Research
MC 360 - International Marketing Strategy
Hintergrund The centrality of a consumer focus to modern management, especially in service industries, makes an understanding of consumer behaviour fundamental to corporate success. The module combines an investigation of buyer behaviour theory with the opportunity to explore practical issues such as: how attitudes, motivation and personality affect the things we buy and where and how we shop; how we react to persuasive communications and how successful brands can command premium prices through the emotional values they convey.
The understanding of consumer behaviour is a pre-requisite of successful marketing. Individuals and organisations buy products and services to solve problems and satisfy wants. An understanding of the antecedents of the purchase decision and of the purchase itself is the basis for influencing these activities. To develop favourable attitudes towards, and consumption of, their products and services marketers are interested in cause and effect relationships, specifically the relationship between the stimuli they employ via the marketing mix and consumers’ changed perceptions, awareness, attitudes, intentions, purchase decisions, satisfaction and loyalty.
The module develops the knowledge and understanding taught in the Level 2 marketing modules.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) provide students with an understanding of consumer needs and complexities of behaviours, so as to recognise the
    impact these have on an organisation’s marketing strategy;
2) investigate the main factors that influence consumer buying behaviour, and how consumers make their buying
3) ensure students have a comprehensive understanding of the role of psychological models in marketing.