Modul-Code BM 350
Modul-Titel Corporate Governance
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache English
Grundlagen BM 200 - Managing People in Organisations;
BM 220 - Financial Reporting & Management Accounting;
BM 250 - Law for Business, Marketing & Communication
BM 310 - International Corporate Strategy
Hintergrund Corporate governance has gained popularity both in the academic and management world. Scandals like Enron or WorldCom have alarmed governments and regulatory institutions. Responding to public criticism, regulators are refining the business environment to prevent such misconduct. More generally, aside from these spectacular cases, the growing power of especially multinational companies has been matched by calls for greater corporate social responsibility and regulation. Companies themselves are increasingly recognising that good corporate governance requires more than adherence to legal rules and involves embedding best practice in strategic and daily business activity. The module considers the drivers of managerial misconduct based on academic theory, key models of regulation governments and other bodies have set up to limit it, and evaluates if they had been successful. It concludes with a discussion of recent developments in this field of study. What students have learnt in the module should guide their own behaviour in an ethical way once they take on managerial positions.
The module will draw on students’ knowledge of business law, financial reporting rules, stakeholder interests and the general business environment gained at Levels 1 and 2.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) acquaint students with the key concepts in corporate governance theories and practice;
2) analyse the development and role of corporate governance in selected national contexts;
3) investigate the corporate governance context in which managers operate and the implications for strategic and
    operational management.