Modul-Code FR 300
Modul-Titel Business French III
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache French
Grundlagen Business French I & II
Hintergrund Languages and understanding of other cultures are an essential aspect of an internationally-orientated degree programme, especially in international management, which seeks to provide students with a business education embedded in a multilingual and multicultural context. Level 3 French builds on the knowledge and understanding students developed at Level 2 and provides students with an in-depth, critical understanding of France and the French-speaking world from social, political, economic and cultural perspectives. It naturally also improves students’ speaking and writing skills, encouraging them to engage in active language production at a demanding level.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) promote a critical understanding of contemporary economic, socio-political and business affairs in France / French-
    speaking countries;
2) develop students’ ability to generate, in speaking and writing, contextually appropriate target French in general social,
    academic, and work situations;
3) enable students to review their own attitudes and values in terms of the similarities and dissimilarities between their
     own and foreign cultures/societies.