Modul-Code BM 390
Modul-Titel International Law
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache English
Grundlagen Business law modules at Levels 1 and 2
Hintergrund With the increase in international trade, the need to consider issues of international law and the conflicts arising out of cross-border business activities is increasingly important. This module is designed to build upon the legal knowledge and skills gained at Level 2 and to give students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the impact of international law on business activities, including the different regimes which are relevant to making agreements in an international context, the problems which can arise, and how to deal with them. Common contract terms, business relationships and sources of disputes will be examined in an applied manner so that students can understand the factors which can facilitate or hinder international contracts.
The module builds on students’ knowledge of the German civil and commercial code (contract and company law) acquired at Levels 1 and 2.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) support students in gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of legal obligations and dispute-settlement in an
     international business context;
2) develop further students’ skills in applying their legal knowledge to particular situations within international business
    in order to enable effective and efficient decision making;
3) acquaint students with current developments in the study and practice of international law to enable the students to
    critically analyse, interpret and evaluate legal matters;
4) contribute to the development of students’ transferable skills and so enhance their employability in graduate careers.