Modul-Code TM 390
Modul-Titel International Tourism Planning & Development
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache English
Grundlagen TM 230 - Managing Tourism Operations; TM 260 - Tourism Marketing Principles & Communication
Hintergrund Tourism development can create economic growth and employment, but it can also cause environmental and social damage. Tourism development needs to be planned and managed so that it is sustainable, achieves long-term economic development and balances the needs of visitors with those of the host population. Tourism managers, in both the public and private sectors, need to be aware of the impacts of tourist activity and approaches to planning so that the benefits of the industry can be realised and negative consequences kept to a minimum.
The module offers students the opportunity to examine tourism and its interaction with the built and natu-ral environment, the impacts brought about by tourist activity, and the development and planning needed as a result.
The module builds upon the foundation knowledge and skills of the Level 2 Tourism modules ‘Managing Tourism Operations’ and ‘Tourism Marketing Principles & Communication’.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) enable students to relate strategic policy and planning principles to the practical challenges involved in the
    development of international destinations;
2) instil an understanding of the principles of impact management, sustainability, stakeholder management and
    ethical behaviour and an appreciation for the positive role they play within tourism development;
3) encourage a critical awareness of the roles of the public and private sectors in destination tourism planning and
4) develop students’ transferable skills and so enhance their employability.