Modul-Code MC 360
Modul-Titel International Marketing Strategy
Level Level 3
Credits 10
Sprache English
Grundlagen Pathway specific Marketing modules at Level 2
All other Level 3 core modules
Hintergrund To survive in today’s global marketplace, internationally-active companies have to be able to respond to changes in domestic and foreign markets as they happen. A company’s success is dependent on its ability to exploit opportunities more quickly than competitors. This in turn necessitates a coherent mission, a strategy for achieving that mission and a clear understanding of how the firm intends competing with other firms. Firms can only develop this understanding if they systematically analyse their environment, identify and assess their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to those of their competitors and identify those opportunities where they have a competitive advantage. Developing an international strategy is especially complex in view of the heterogeneous contexts of international firms’ activities.
In internationalising their operations, companies must also consider the consequences of different national/regional markets on the management of the marketing mix. Many companies have seen their products fail because they neglected to adapt aspects of the product itself, the pricing strategy, how it was distributed or how it was promoted in local market conditions.
For students aiming to work in an international business environment, understanding the impact of international and foreign markets, and cultural differences, on corporate strategies and operations, and approaches to organising international marketing activities can be an important advantage.
The module builds on knowledge and understanding developed in a range of Level 2 modules, especially ‘Marketing’/'Tourism Marketing’/’Marketing Culture’/’Event Marketing’. Whereas at Level 2 students were introduced to the role of strategy as part of the marketing planning process and to standard tools of strategic analysis, in this module students learn to apply selected strategic marketing and management tools in an international context and to develop an international marketing strategy on this basis.
The module adopts a holistic approach to management: Students will need to draw upon their previous knowledge of functional disciplines and strategic tools developed at Level 2 in an integrative way and determine their overall contribution to the strategic whole.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) develop an understanding for the complexity of international business as well as international marketing processes
    and the need for international marketing strategy;
2) investigate the main opportunities and threats of international business;
3) apply current research insights to interpretations of international business strategies.