Modul-Code EM 340
Modul-Titel Meetings, Trade Fair & Exhibition Management
Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache English
Grundlagen EM230 - Managing Event Operations;
EM 260 - Event Marketing Principles & Communication;
EM 290 - Event Design & Logistics
Hintergrund Recent years have seen a constant growth in the market for meetings (ranging from small internal seminars to major public conferences), trade fairs and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. With over two thirds of the leading trade fairs held in Germany, the country has a highly developed fair and exhibition infrastructure. In this highly competitive market, the positioning, planning and implementation of events require careful analysis, preparation and coordination. In order to satisfy not only exhibitors and sponsors, but also visitors, event professionals need to understand the factors shaping this market, be they economic, political, legal, social or technological. The module equips students with the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to conceiving and positioning a congress, convention or fair, from analysing the current market situation and formulating aims and strategies through to issues of marketing, promoting and financing events.
The module builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the Level 2 ‘Event Marketing’, ‘Managing Event Operations’ and ‘Event Design & Logistics’ modules, and adopts the perspective of the operators of conference centres, exhibitions and trade fairs.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) promote understanding of the relationship between environmental factors affecting the supply of and demand for
    MICE industry products;
2) develop students’ understanding of the contribution of event management to the development and success of
3) instil in students an appreciation of strategic options and the role of effective strategic management;
4) develop problem-solving, evaluation, communication, and service management skills relevant to employment in the
    events sector.