Modul-Code PD 310
Modul-Titel Professional Communication & Development


Level Level 3
Credits 5
Sprache German
Grundlagen PD 210 - Professional Development II
All other Level 2 core modules
Hintergrund This module prepares students for employment or further study by focusing on the increasing importance of critical reflection and continuous professional development in the early stages of managing a graduate career. Building on ‘Professional Development I & II’ at the previous levels of the programme, it enables students to deepen their understanding of themselves in relation to the skills required for successful professional and personal development in pathway-related industries. Particular emphasis is given to how students can confidently and articulately promote themselves to potential employers. The on-going development of employer contacts also helps to establish industry links that will assist students in seeking employment.
As at Levels 1 and 2, the module encourages self-awareness and critical reflection on personal learning styles and needs, as well as on the skills and attributes valuable in terms of future employment and life-long learning. Students are encouraged to: think creatively and constructively about their academic and personal skill profiles and goals, and to plan to achieve these; be more aware of how they are learning and what different teaching and learning strategies are trying to achieve; recognise, value and evidence their learning and development both inside and outside the curriculum; be more effective in monitoring and reviewing their own progress and using their own records and evidence of learning to demonstrate to others what they know and can do; and be prepared for the demands of continuing progression and career development in professional and academic careers.
Modulziele This module aims to:
1) further enhance the capacity of students to reflect, plan and take responsibility for their own learning and to
    understand what and how they learn;
2) help students understand the value added through learning that is above and beyond attainment in the subjects they
     have studied;
3) provide a framework in which students can further develop their employability with the aim of entering their chosen
     profession on graduation;
4) support students in making well-founded career choices, making effective job applications and planning their